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This isn't a diet.  
This isn't a 
This isn't a quick fix.  

This is real nutrition, fitness, and mindset without the BS.  

This is BOLD.

Knowledge fuels confidence.
Action transforms it into reality.

✔️ Gain profound insights into your nutrition, fitness, and health.

✔️ Craft routines that invigorate and sustain you.

✔️ Enjoy personalized support every step of the way.

No more chasing the false promises and inevitable failure of restrictive diets, random workouts, and trendy supplements.  
It's time to be empowered.
It's time to be Bold. 

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​​Performance nutrition empowers food choices by prioritizing adequate fueling and nourishment for optimal energy, health, vitality, and athletic performance.  You'll discover how to nourish your body without excessive restriction, rigidity, or guilt and support optimal eating patterns, flexibility, and balance to thrive through different demands and phases of life.

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As we age, muscle mass decreases and becomes harder to build. A consistent and effective strength training program can keep your body resilient and your health optimized regardless of age. Whether you want to see some serious strength gains or feel better in your body, I will help you make it happen. 

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Optimal wellness is holistic and spans every aspect of our lives.  We will give focus to factors including sleep, stress management, routines, mindfulness, community, and purpose for a comprehensive approach to health.  Through mindfulness, education, prompts, activities, and more, you will become more in touch with your self-care needs to support a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. 

About The Coaching:

Custom Nutrition Guidance

You'll receive personalized nutrition recommendations tailored to optimize your intake, enhance mindfulness, and connect with your intuitive cues based on your unique needs and preferences.

We utilize various nutrition monitoring tools customized for you, including options like tracking macros, gentle food journaling without macros, intuitive eating exercises, mindful eating reflections, and more.

(*Note: Macro counting isn't recommended for everyone, nor is it a long-term solution.  I accommodate all preferences and needs with alternate solutions!)

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Custom Fitness Programming

Tailored to your skill level, preferences, and goals, I'll provide personalized strength training and fitness recommendations and workouts conveniently delivered via the BOLD365 x Everfit app. You'll have access to video demos, movement tutorials, and workout tracking to feel equipped and monitor your progress.

Additionally, we work to optimize non-exercise movement, such as daily steps, general activity, mobility, stretching, and recovery—all accessible and monitored through the app.

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Habits and Accountability

You'll be equipped with tools, methods, and education to improve daily habits, increase mindfulness, and maintain accountability to help you reach your goals. ​



Kelli has helped me immensely on my health journey. I was struggling to figure out what a sustainable strength workout program would look like for me. Kelli carefully assessed my skill level, goals and preferences and designed a workout program for me. This coaching program helped me take actionable steps toward having a better relationship with my body and my health. After two months of Bold365 I feel empowered to show up to the gym with a plan and complete strength training workouts that work for my body.
Kelli has a really great perspective on all things health, fitness, nutrition and mindset. I was feeling overwhelmed by fad diets, trendy workout plans and an all or nothing mindset. Kelli gently guided me in a positive direction, offering a vast array of resources and support. She is extremely affirming and made me feel safe, supported and seen throughout the whole process. Working with Kelli has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of approaching my health and fitness. I really liked the app where I could track my exercises reps and effort.
The Bold365 program has helped a lot with my mindset towards working out and eating. I feel confident moving forward knowing that I have more resources and mindset revelations to help me stay consistent with my Strength Training routine and nutrition plan.

Plans and Pricing


$340 per month
Or $969 per 3 months


  • Custom nutrition guidance

  • Custom fitness programming

  • Weekly check-ins via form submission. 

  • 1 Zoom session every 3 months. 

  • Additional sessions $130/session (regularly $175)


$525 per month
Or $1,496 per 3 months


  • Custom nutrition guidance

  • Custom fitness programming

  • Weekly check-ins via form submission. 

  • 2 Zoom sessions every month. 

  • Additional sessions $110/session (regularly $175)

Looking for Zoom consultations only, without the coaching?  

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