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  • Kelli Foerster

Introducing The BOLD Nutrition Method: A Balanced Approach to Good Nutrition

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Welcome to the introduction of The BOLD Nutrition Method! I’m Kelli Foerster, a functional nutritionist and fitness professional, and I help people navigate their nutrition by helping cultivate healthy habits and a positive mindset around food. The BOLD Nutrition Method combines evidence-based functional nutrition and mindset coaching to feel healthy, balanced, and confident in food choices.

BOLD (Adjective)
  • Courageous, confident, and fearless (Collins Dictionary)

  • Not afraid of difficult situations (Britannica Dictionary)

  • Showing an ability to take risks; Confident and courageous (Oxford Dictionary)

  • Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action (

Imagine life without stressing about food choices and diets. Imagine feeling nourished, satiated, and confident in your skin. You feel healthy and vibrant without feeling restricted. You don't worry about falling "off track," and you are mindful, present, and at peace with your dietary habits. Sounds good, right?

Nowadays, a wide variety of nutrition advice and recommendations are at our fingertips, yet many of us still feel confused. Fad diets, 30-day reset challenges, meal plans, and supplement regimens promise you the ultimate "quick fix," but rarely do those promises hold up. So many of us have been in an endless search for solutions but found no long-term success, feeling anything but bold. Why is that?

Modern-day diet culture misrepresents, oversimplifies, and over-hypes nutrition and health, leaving us feeling shamed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. The wellness industry capitalizes on these ever-present feelings by providing quick-fix products and services, but underlying needs are rarely met.

The mission of The BOLD Nutrition Method is to use current, evidence-based nutrition and health science to cut away the BS and help you find answers, peace, and confidence in your nutrition and lifestyle practices. With a unique blend of functional medicine nutrition, clinical nutrition, behavioral nutrition, and sports nutrition, you can find a balanced, holistic, and BOLD approach to long-term, holistic health. Further, The BOLD Method considers the mental aspect of dietary practices by acknowledging the effects of diet culture, disordered eating, and body shame while emphasizing mindful eating, intuitive eating, and HAES-informed body image and body acceptance.

A BOLD Nutrition lifestyle will look different for everyone, but the backbone/ basic structure of the BOLD method revolves around these 4 "F's" to help understand and adequately prioritize nutrition recommendations and tactics that are most supportive for you.

The BOLD Nutrition Method is not a magic solution, a diet, or a meal plan. Instead, it's a new way of looking at nutrition in a mindful, practical, and effective way. It's a way of thinking that takes into account all the meaningful factors that play into health and nutritional wellness. It is my hope and intention that The BOLD Nutrition Method finally marks the end of your search for sustainable nutrition advice. You can expect this blog to supply practical and helpful nutrition and lifestyle advice that you can trust. Welcome!



Meet Kelli Foerster



Kelli is a functional nutritionist specializing in clinical and behavioral nutrition.  Kelli is the creater of The BOLD Nutrition Method, which utilizes advanced, evidence-based nutrition and fitness and presents it in a digestible, practical way, leaving you feeling equipped, confident, and bold. 

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