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Ditch the fads and quick fixes. 
😵‍💫 Stop aimlessly dieting
🔁 Quit the restrict, binge, and shame cycle

Let me help you get BOLD! ⬇️

🎯 Get a clear understanding of how to eat healthy for your body.

💪 Learn practical ways to improve strength and fitness and gain muscle to support longevity.

🎉 Establish a healthy and balanced relationship with food, fitness, and your body.

❤️ Incorporate health protocols that support your unique needs and symptoms.



I'm Kelli, your functional nutritionist & personal trainer.

I know the frustration of wanting to treat your body well but constantly feeling frustrated, like you're doing everything wrong.

I'm here to guide you to become more confident and clear in your health and nutrition to become a balanced, healthy, confident you. 

Here's The Plan:

Getting to know you, your health, preferences, needs, and history provides me with valuable information to make customized and practical recommendations.

A plan only works if it works for you.  I'm a nutrition expert, but you are an expert in your body.  Together, we will collaborate to find what makes the most sense for you to ensure sustainability and optimal outcomes. 


I provide gradual implementation, tools, and 1:1 coaching based on your unique needs and preferences. Comprehensive support ensures you feel equipped and confident in carrying out your recommendations and intentions to reach your goals effectively and sustainably!

Don't Wait To Be         !

"The work we did together really changed my relationship with certain foods, my outlook on nutrition and honestly gave me a lot of freedom!" - Sydney
“Kelli found areas where I could make meaningful, long-term changes and she remained patient and encouraging as I adapted new strategies for achieving my goals.” - Tim
"Kelli has helped me evaluate my current habits and help me seamlessly create new ones." - Vanessa
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