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Kelli Foerster, MS, CNS, CPT
Creator of The BOLD Nutrition Method 

Hi, I’m Kelli, a dedicated nutrition, fitness, and wellness provider, serving clients since 2008. I’ve had the privilege of supporting hundreds of individuals, locally in Los Angeles, CA and across the US enhance their nutrition, fitness, health, and overall well-being. Committed to delivering well-educated and evidence-based advice, I continually expand my knowledge through diverse educational and professional avenues. My expertise spans functional medicine nutrition, behavioral nutrition, Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned healthcare approaches, intuitive eating, strength training, functional movement, and sports/performance nutrition.

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My Professional Qualifications 

  • Master of Science, Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from The University of Western States

  • CNS, Certified Nutrition Specialist®, credentialed by the American Nutrition Association® through its Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists™

  • 1000 hours of clinical nutrition supervision and mentorship, The Clinicians Incubator

  • Bachelor of Science, Music Business

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • RKC 1 - Certified Kettlebell Specialist

  • Functional Movement Systems - FMS Level 1&2

*What's a CNS? A certified nutrition specialist, or CNS, is an advanced clinical nutritionist specializing in personalized, evidence-based nutrition. A CNS has a Master's level degree in nutrition, has passed a rigorous board exam, completed 1,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, and has approval from the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists and The American Nutrition Association. A CNS is among the highest of credentialed nutrition professionals.


Learn more about the CNS HERE. Learn more about the ANA HERE

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