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Client Testimonials

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Kelli is the best! As someone with a very active and athletic lifestyle, I started working with her to better utilize, understand, and improve my nutrition. She will help you assess your goals and pinpoint any issues or areas you feel you need help with. Kelli has helped me improve my energy levels, my sleep, my approach to food, and even my hormones. Kelli is amazing, super thorough, warm, professional, and full of knowledge. She is such an amazing resource and is always available for any questions. I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone.  A++++ 

June - Nutrition Counseling

A friend recommended that I work with Kelli after I struggled with severe anxiety for months. My anxiety caused unintentional weight loss and the desire to only eat bland foods. This was the first time I had ever worked with a nutritionist, so I didn't know what to expect. 

To start, Kelli created a very approachable program that began with introducing supplements into my diet, re-training my brain to find joy in flavorful foods again, and managing my anxiety without excessive fitness as a solution. Once we built that foundation, Kelli taught me how to gain weight in healthy manner. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how to gauge macros (without calorie counting) and how to structure my workouts to reach my goals. 

The last 4 months, however, have exceeded my expectations! I have learned tools that will stick with me forever. Thank you, Kelli!

Alexis - Nutrition Counseling

"I have been meeting with Kelli weekly and then biweekly for nutritional support. Kelli’s intake process was thorough and I really felt like she saw me as a whole person. Kelli has helped me evaluate my current habits and help me seamlessly create new ones. I have been vegan for nearly 4 years and Kelli helped me adjust my supplements to make sure I was getting everything my body needed and encouraged new exciting and delicious recipes! We have also been working on balancing my hormones through my food choices and supplements. She has been kind and compassionate, fun and energetic about helping me remember the joy of cooking and nourishing my body well!"

Vanessa - Nutrition Counseling

"Kelli was such a huge part of me getting my nutritional needs met and better yet, understood. We met with the goal of optimizing my nutrition, before my husband and I started trying to get pregnant. The work we did together really changed my relationship with certain foods, my outlook on nutrition and honestly gave me a lot of freedom! I felt really restricted before we worked together and now I have so many more healthy options and variety to keep my levels optimal!
Huge thank you to Kelli!! Highly, highly recommend working with her!"

Sydney - Nutrition Counseling

"Kelli is a PHENOMENAL trainer and coach! It was my first time training virtually and Kelli made the process seamless. As evident from our first intake session, Kelli took the time to truly get to know me as an individual and skillfully identified areas to focus on during our training. I really appreciated how thoughtful Kelli was in listening to my previous experiences working out and trying to follow a particular diet. She found areas where I could make meaningful, long-term changes and she remained patient and encouraging as I adapted new strategies for achieving my goals."

"During our workouts, Kelli made a point to be flexible with her programming to not only accommodate my goals but to also meet me where I was at. Over just a few months, I gained the muscle definition I was looking for while also, and more importantly, gaining a true joy for working out. Kelli was efficient with our workouts and also came to the sessions with an encouraging attitude. I highly recommend Kelli for anyone looking for personal training and/or nutrition counseling. Thank you, Kelli!"

Tim - Virtual Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling

"I have been training with Kelli for two years and counting and couldn't be happier! Her understanding of the body and nutrition is unparalleled and makes for an enriching fitness journey. As a trainer, she goes above and beyond to provide small adjustments for big results. Since working with her, I feel like I have a greater understanding of my body and feel changes even in the smallest daily functions. It's obvious that she invests in her clients and genuinely cares about seeing them excel."

Shanna - Personal Training

"Dear world, Kelli rules. I came in with little to no knowledge about weight training and Kelli made sure to explain everything we were doing and why in a way that was easy to digest and more importantly so that I would remember it. She's friendly and genuinely knows and cares about her practice. Sometime you find trainers that are "trainers" but Kelli is 100% legit in that she's excited to continue her own education and impart that wisdom onto her clients. She's also a nice person! She's easy to talk to and knows how to read the room. Some days I felt crappy and some days I was overly chatty and she adjusted to match my mood and effort. She was tough but not cruel. She is encouraging but not pushy. 10/10, A+, 5 big gold stars."

Meredith - Personal Training

"Kelli is absolutely wonderful! She creates a safe and warm environment to explore fitness, challenge yourself, and grow. Her thorough, well thought-out programming really made me feel like I was progressing and laying groundwork towards future goals week-to-week. She really pushed and believed in me and I was able to accomplish so many goals while we were working together, including multiple PRs and learning new skills. Overall, my form has taken a huge step forward (I get compliments all the time now!) and I feel even more confident in the gym both physically and mentally, thanks to Kelli!"

Emma - Personal Training

"Kelli is an excellent trainer and I have had the best experience working with her over the past year! We began sessions in person, and Kelli seamlessly transitioned me to remote training once the pandemic hit. She made it so easy for me to keep up my workouts, varying my training, adjusting goals as-needed, and always providing a listening ear to make sure I’m getting the most out of my training experience. Kelli’s positivity, optimism, and desire to motivate her clients and have them believe in their ability to change is so invaluable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit, adopt better habits, and assume a more positive mindset on health and full body wellness!"

Elana - Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling
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